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To Replace thought with reverie

Is to confound poison with nourishment

Yellow is the colour of sunshine, spotted with dust motes of the air. Yellow is what a banana wide smile would look like, minus the teeth.

This space contains most of what you find in any repository of words, rare or nonexistent insight, more of chaff-darnel-weed, empty spaces and incoherence.

i am. Randomfan.
Though randomness in specific definition, is related to nothing. I just attempt to fill the voids in between worlds and words. Though that now needs revision, do not be Fooled By Randomness -Nicholas Nassim Taleb
881, abhorsen trilogy, ah ma dress, allen walker, andy warhol, aragorn, bananas, boiled sprite, boysenberry, brave new world, bright red apples, catherine webb, chalkless board technology, charissa's bags, chewing gum, chinatown, chris daughtry, clay aiken, cleo's amazing artwork, clever illustrations, clocks with faces, coldplay, coloured napkins, crimson sunrises, d.gray-man, dancing, daydreaming, death cab for cutie, decadent dreaming, documentaries, dog chews, dog dishes, dogs, dust bits in sunlight, ecojot, edible pearls, elinor dashwood, environment, eponine, fanatic madness, fantasy, feminists, fir, floor mopping to punkrock, freakonomics, functional shorts, garth nix, gettyimages, glasses, grave of the fireflies, guy browning, happily ever afters, haruka murakami, helium balloons, house md, huge appetites, humour columnists, humour columns, hymnals, indiosyncrasies, ingrid michaelson, insightful commentary, intelli2gent humour, ironing, ironing clothes, jack johnson, jane austen, joe hill, kleenex, lactobaccilus, les miserables, lms(long msg service), lolita (1997!), long letters, lucid complexity, lucy's diamond sky, mango tango, melancholic songs, mika, mountains, mr darcy, mulling, neighbours, neil humphreys, nicholas nassim taleb, notebooks, observing the insignificant stuff, onerepublic, onwards, oversized paperclips, pinafores, pine fresh honey, pink toilet roll paper, pixar, planet earth, plankton, poetry, political cartoons, pretty satin shoes, pride and prejudice, princess mononoke, quirkiness, random, ratatouille, recycling, red dot building, retro-hairbands, rocky road nougat, scissor sisters, sensible shoes, serviettes, shakespeare, shenton way, silver shafts, silvery colours, skiving, snoozing, sonnets, spongebob squarepants, spongebob squarepants cartoons, spongebob towels, steven levitt, studio ghibli, sunscreen, tableaus, tasteful installations, the beatles, the hush sound, the mysterious benedict society, the nea, the notebook, the thorn birds, thorns having roses, to kill a mockingbird, tonari no totoro, toothpicks, tree huggers, tulips, umbrellas, v for vendetta, very early mornings, victor hugo, victorian pictures, vivien alcock, w.h auden, watching reruns of spongebob, watching the world, 卢广仲


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